Wydanie bieżące The Teacher

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Wydanie bieżące magazynu The Teacher


Bieżące wydanie magazynu The Teacher nr 3-4(182)2021
dla osób które mają problemy z nabyciem wydania w sieci detalicznej

Co w numerze?

Susan Holden | Focus on… MAKING CONNECTIONS

Marcin Gliński | Climb a tree and it will get you closer to heaven: arboreal activities for demanding students

Michael Czajkowski | Fish and Chips: the Great British Invention (but was it?)

Trevor Hill | Britain and India (Part 1)

Andreja Golouh | Ten steps to enjoy teaching English

Barbara Malepsza | Easter Trivia Day as multi-skill integration event and language platform to socialise

Ewelina Kutyła | Spring bugs and insects – sample lesson plan and worksheets

Violetta Tarnowska | Academic (dis)honesty: thoughts, reflections, and conclusions of a teacher drained by students’ cheating

Anna Witkowska | Songs – authentic materials for special purposes

Małgorzata Kowalska | Gamification (Part 1)

Agnieszka Pecyna Koczot | Causes of learning difficulties in reading and writing and ways of eliminating them

Aleksandra Koczot | Psychological needs of a child

Maria Pogwizd | Student’s point of view about learning languages