Wydanie bieżące The Teacher


Wydanie bieżące magazynu The Teacher


Bieżące wydanie magazynu The Teacher nr 1(165)2019
dla osób które mają problemy z nabyciem wydania w sieci RUCH lub EMPiK

Co w numerze?

Book review

Grace Lim Yi Shin | Study on varieties of English in Singapore

Andy Starck | Awakening an interest in history

Aliasghar Kargar | What are the English like? National stereotypes

Aleksandra Zaparucha | The what, why and how of CLIL for English teachers

Grzegorz Budak | A brief history of English for Specific Purposes

Monika Bigaj-Kisała | Role-Playing Teaching: can RPG influence TEFL?

Ewa Ostarek | 3 tools to use in 2019

Hans Christian Andersen | The Ugly Duckling (19th century version)

Ewelina Kutyła | Winter time, snowman parts – sample lesson plan

Trevor Hill | Charlotte Holmes and the Case of the Hound of the Fashion-avilles

Magdalena Fijalkowska | Skype, WhatsApp and Google Hangout solution for headless chickens

PASE | sPASE for Personal Development -METAmorfozy