Wydanie bieżące The Teacher


Wydanie bieżące magazynu The Teacher


Bieżące wydanie magazynu The Teacher nr 7-8(184)2021


Co w numerze?

Susan Holden | Focus on… PROJECTS

Marcin Gliński | The linguistic theory of science fiction in a nutshell

Robert Kuźma | How to begin the new school year with a bang and leave your students begging for more!

Dr Robin Usher | Children with Special Educational Needs (SEN) in English Language Teaching

Ewa Ostarek | Three nice tools

Agnieszka Pecyna Koczot | Gifted students and managing their education

Anna Cetnarowska | How to teach (and learn) grammar in a brain-friendly way

Hall Houston | Looking up, looking down

Karolina Marzec | Let us smuggle a little English

Łukasz Czuryłło | English proverbs in a comic

Małgorzata Szymańska | School comeback

Agnieszka Pecyna Koczot | Tips for teachers to work with dyslexic students